These Pictures Were Taken 3 Minutes Apart

For those of you who don't know my name is Laura, and I am the creator of Dirty Blonde Dry Shampoo

The pictures above are of me and were taken about 3 minutes apart. All I had to do was apply Dirty Blonde Dry Shampoo to instantly refresh my hair without having to wash it.  

What sparked my creation of Dirty Blonde Dry Shampoo was my pet peeve of having to wash my hair when travelling. Packing all the needed products and tools to bring my wet hair to life takes up so much space in my bag! I turned to Dry Shampoo to help keep my hair looking good for a few extra days when on the road.

But when I looked at the market, the majority of dry shampoos available were white in colour. Where was the Dry Shampoo for Dirty Blondes? Brunettes? Redheads? Worst of all, why was the application process so awful? 

 Applying Dry Shampoo shouldn't be a shameful experience. WIth aerosol, you have to hold your breath and pray it doesn't get on your clothes while leaving streaks of white in your hair. With powder based you had to shake it like a salt shaker (yup, I sang that too) and hope it lands on your roots and not your face and clothes. 

Dirty Blonde Dry Shampoo is a natural powder based vegan formula that absorbs oil and will leave your roots looking clean and feeling refreshed, and can be applied directly to your roots with our application brush.  

It's the only Dry Shampoo that allows you to choose your shade and scent for a completely personalized experience. 

So stop with the wash, rinse, repeat.

Just, Dip, Dab, and GO.