The Dirty Details - 14 Packing Tips for Every Trip

If you're anything like me, packing can cause anxiety. As much as I love to travel I have a constant fear that I am going to forget something vital. I can't even tell you how many times I have gone home for Thanksgiving only to realize I forgot my toothbrush. Or arrived at the airport for my flight home only to realize my phone charger is still at the hotel.

I have established 14 packing tips for every trip that will keep you organized and prepared!

1. Start with a list.

Nothing calms me down like a list. When it comes to travelling, I always start a list a few days before I leave for a trip. As I think of things I want to take with me I add them to my list. It helps me sleep at night knowing I won't forget because I have it written down on a sticky note stuck to my fridge. 

2 Review your packing list.

There’s a reason you made the list! Make sure you go through all the items the night before you leave (or the morning of) to make sure you haven’t forgotten a single thing, especially a toothbrush!

4. Roll your clothes.

One of my best suitcase packing tips is for you to simply roll your clothes! Seriously, if you’re not currently rolling your clothes instead of folding them, do it! It saves lots of space and you will be able to see all of your items better during your trip. So you won't be pulling out piles of shirts looking for your Dirty Blonde Crop Top. :) 

6. Make use of Ziplock Freezer Bags

For long trips, I use ziplock Freezer Bags to keep my items organized. It keeps clean and dirty items separate, and it's just easier to pull out the items I need to without having to roll items back up that got moved in my search. 

7. Always pack your absolute essentials and one outfit change in your carry on.

Even the best of us will have our luggage get lost, go missing or uh, accidentally taken by someone else (true story). Having your essentials in your carry-on will ensure you will have a great time while you wait for the airline to find and deliver your bag. GOOD NEWS! Your Dirty Blonde Dry Shampoo is carry-on friendly! And won't it be so nice to freshen up your hair in the airport bathroom after landing a 7-hour flight?!

8. Keep your liquids separate them from your other goods.

It’s important to separate liquids because you never know when bottles will spontaneously explode! For extra coverage, cover the top of the bottles with plastic wrap and then put them in their own plastic bag. This way, you’re fully protected.

9. Always wear your bulkiest items of clothing on the plane.

Common known fun fact - Coats and boots are heavy! If you plan on bringing them on your trip, make sure you’re wearing them so they don’t hog up all the space (and weight) in your luggage.

10. Forget full-sized liquids, pack mini versions.

Seriously, put that full-sized bottle away! There are zero reasons for you to bring it. There WILL be toiletries to buy where you’re travelling. It’s not worth the unnecessary weight to bring a giant bottle of everything.

PRO TIP: you can buy small plastic bottles at the dollar store that you can add a bit of your lotion, etc too. This way you won't spend money you don't have too - or carry heavy giant bottles in your bag! 

11. Keep your wires together

Its the one thing you will be going for the most in your bag, you're precious wires that charge your phone, iPad, laptop, etc. So keep them all together and in an outside pocket of your carry-on so you don't have to go digging. We also tend to panic when we finally have to walk out the door where we have to triple check they're all there. Having them all together on in an outside pocket will make your triple check, triple quick.

12. Bring dryer sheets 

They’re light and will keep your luggage smelling fresh. 

13. Never pack things “just in case”.

More often than not, that "in case" will not come up! And if by some miracle, you’re in need of a special item, just take that opportunity to indulge in some shopping. 

14. Finally, don’t forget to leave a little extra space.

Real talk - When you travel you buy things, usually lots of things. Squishing them into your suitcase never feels good, either does throwing out the items you brought with you to make space. 

PRO TIP: Bring an extra duffle that folds up small so you have an extra bag for the way home.