The Dirty Truth – Why You Need to Stop Washing Your Hair

What people need to realize is that shampoo, no matter the price, is essentially water and some variation of sodium lauryl sulphate, which is basically detergent.

Detergent is very bad for your hair and scalp, it encourages the scalp to get oilier quicker which means that you’ll have to wash your hair more often. Furthermore, It strips hair of it’s natural moister causing it to become brittle and break easily.

By reducing the number of times you wash your hair you will begin to notice your scalp become less oily over time, your hair will grow longer due to less breakage, and your colour will last longer.

If you think about it, colouring your hair is an aggressive process, even more so if it’s bleached or highlighted, so putting detergent on your hair is going to aggravate it even further!

Our Dry Shampoo customers are often shocked to find that they can go 4-5 days, sometimes longer in between washes, saving time, water, and money.

Dirty Blonde believes less is more, and our products are minimal. We will likely launch a few more hair products in future, but we plan on keeping it simple and down to only the necessities. Once you stop washing your hair as much you will realize how much less you will need when it comes to other hair products as well!

Stop with the wash, rinse, repeat!

Just dip, dab, and go.