I'm Laura - The founder of Dirty Blonde.

What sparked my creation of Dirty Blonde was having to wash my hair when travelling. Packing all the needed products and tools to bring my wet hair to life takes up so much space in my bag! I knew I needed to find an alternative. 

But when looking at the market the majority of dry shampoos were white in colour. Where was the Dry Shampoo for Dirty Blondes? Brunettes? Redheads?

Worst of all, why was the application process so awful? 

Dirty Blonde Dry Shampoo was born. It is a completely personalized experience where you can choose your shade, choose your scent, and apply it will ease with an application brush and container that can fit right in your makeup bag. 

Since then, the success of our dry shampoo inspired me to grow the business further. I am very particular about what I apply to my body and wanted to create an affordable line of products that go against the out-dated notion that the best products for you include harsh soaps and fragrances.  

The responses we have been getting from costumers has been just amazing. Women are constantly telling us how they love knowing that what they are applying to their skin and hair is all-natural, safe, and affective.