Dirty Talk

  • Dirty B Feature - Samantha Gracie, Actress and Singer

    We are thrilled to be closing out 2019 with Samantha Gracie as our Dirty B feature for the month of December. Learn how this girl is hustling while pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress and singer! 
  • Dirty B Feature - Britt Hergott, Hair Stylist

    "I was having such a hard time finding a hairstylist that could colour my hair correctly, and I was always leaving frustrated and disappointed with the results. One day I just decided to study it and perfect it. After that, I made a career decision to become an expert on blonde hair." 
  • Dirty B Feature - Hanna Salazar, Podcast Host and Motivational Speaker

    Hanna is the Podcast host to Advice from Hanna, a personal development show where she speaks about showing up for ourselves and interviews extraordinary entrepreneurs who are setting the example in their desired fields.
  • A Dirty Chat - We Were Featured on the Advice From Hannah Podcast

    If you are wanting to get to know me (the founder of Dirty Blonde) a bit better, you should check out the latest episode from the Advice From Hanna Podcast!
  • The Dirty Truth About Soap

    Give serious thought to what you’d put on your skin — as much as you would to what you’d put into your mouth. Why? Your skin covers up to 20 square feet of your body and is a living, breathing organ. It is your body’s first line of defence against harmful substances.
  • A Dirty Celebration! Reflecting on My First Year in Business.

    I know - a year doesn't seem like much. But seeing how much has changed in just 12 months is something to be excited about! I felt like the best way to celebrate is to pay it forward. So I've decided to jot down some advice for anyone considering starting their own business adventure. 
  • Dirty B Feature - Taylor Corrado, Marketing Director

    Taylor Corrado has been a long-time supporter of Dirty Blonde. With her busy life and a strong interest in health and balance, it only makes sense...
  • The Dirty Details - 14 Packing Tips for Every Trip

    If you're anything like me, packing can cause anxiety. As much as I love to travel I have a constant fear that I am going to forget something vita...
  • Dirty B Feature - Erin Taylor, News Reporter

    "You can’t run before you can walk. With any career, there are going to be growing pains, and experiencing those growing pains are unfortunately the only way to grow. I’m still paying my dues and growing every day."
  • These Pictures Were Taken 3 Minutes Apart

    For those of you who don't know my name is Laura, and I am the creator of Dirty Blonde Dry Shampoo.  The pictures above are of me and were taken a...
  • The Dirty Truth – Why You Need to Stop Washing Your Hair

    What people need to realize is that shampoo, no matter the price, is essentially water and some variation of sodium lauryl sulphate, which is basically detergent, and detergent is very bad for your hair and scalp. 

  • The Dirty Truth about Fragrance

    The term ‘fragrance’ seems harmless but it's actually one of the most misleading ingredients listed on beauty products.

    Here is the dirty truth about fragrance.