Dirty Talk

  • Top 10 Reasons to use Dry Shampoo!

    The problem was that the more I washed my hair, the more I NEEDED to wash it. Each time I was stripping away natural oils, and just like when you...
  • The Dirty Truth About Soap

    Give serious thought to what you’d put on your skin — as much as you would to what you’d put into your mouth. Why? Your skin covers up to 20 square feet of your body and is a living, breathing organ. It is your body’s first line of defence against harmful substances.
  • The Dirty Details - 14 Packing Tips for Every Trip

    If you're anything like me, packing can cause anxiety. As much as I love to travel I have a constant fear that I am going to forget something vita...
  • These Pictures Were Taken 3 Minutes Apart

    For those of you who don't know my name is Laura, and I am the creator of Dirty Blonde Dry Shampoo.  The pictures above are of me and were taken a...
  • The Dirty Truth – Why You Need to Stop Washing Your Hair

    What people need to realize is that shampoo, no matter the price, is essentially water and some variation of sodium lauryl sulphate, which is basically detergent, and detergent is very bad for your hair and scalp. 

  • The Dirty Truth about Fragrance

    The term ‘fragrance’ seems harmless but it's actually one of the most misleading ingredients listed on beauty products.

    Here is the dirty truth about fragrance.

  • The Dirty Truth about Dry Shampoo

    Everything you need to know about Dry Shampoo.